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There is nothing stronger than the thirst for knowledge, the power of doubt … And this search, this desire is the basis of all scientific activity … looking for the truth, and I feel that I can die, I can burn up, looking for it, but it’s important for me to find, and if not to find, then strive to find it, this truth, no matter how bitter, ghostly and filthy it may be!

V.I. Vernadsky (from a letter to his wife N.E. Staritskaya)
Visions and Provisions of Vernadsky

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Visions and Provisions of Vernadsky

It is customary to divide scientists into romantics and classics. The first are idea generators,
inspired creators and visionaries. The second – collectors and generalizers of facts, creators
extensive work.

Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky is a recognized classic of natural science. He founded new
branches of knowledge: biogeochemistry and radiogeology, was one of the creators of genetic
mineralogy, geochemistry. None of the scientists of the 20th century had commensurate achievements. Crown
his scientific work was the doctrine of the biosphere, the field of life on the planet. It appeared
a synthesis of ideas and facts relating to dozens of sciences!

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Types of water wheels

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