Man and Water

Water is the story of our planet. All earthly matter is saturated with water. The earth purifies water for us and we must protect our water. Today we are opening a series of informational materials about water. Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky opens the first of books about the water world.


Biosphere and Noosphere

… one of our students undertook to create a compendium of this book specifically for

The book includes the most significant and relevant works of the outstanding domestic naturalist and thinker V.I. Vernadsky dedicated to the structure of the biosphere and its gradual transformation into the sphere of the mind – the Noosphere. The treatise “Scientific thought as a planetary phenomenon” is devoted to the history of the development of natural science from ancient times to the middle of the 20th century. In the final section

of the book includes rarely published journalistic articles of the scientist. The book will be of interest to students, representatives of natural sciences and all those interested in biology, ecology, philosophy and history of science.

Summaries prepared for free study.

While our colleagues are working on translating their abstracts on this book into Farsi and English. Read in the original source.

Вернадский В.И. – Биосфера и ноосфера (2004)