Persian textbook

Title Persian Textbook
Author Ivanov V.B.
Moscow Publishing House
Year 1999
Tags linguistics persian
Size 6.21 MB

This textbook is a significant revision of the Persian Language Textbook (Vladimir Borisovich Ivanov. Moscow, 1999). The textbook basically retains the old, already approved presentation scheme. Iranian textbooks for primary and secondary schools published in Iran used textbooks Persian language for foreigners, other textbooks of Persian and closely related languages.

The textbook is intended, first of all, for students-philologists of the 1-2 courses of higher educational institutions. The distinguishing feature of this textbook in comparison with other similar editions is primarily its orientation to modern Persian spelling, the modern handwriting of “Tahriri” and international transcription based on the Latin alphabet.

In the textbook, comparisons of Persian grammar are made not only with the Russian language, but also with Tajik, Arabic, English and Dari.

The textbook can also be used for the practical study of the Persian language in high school, in universities and as a self-instruction manual.

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