School Library

A Non-Profit Oriented NGO, New Initiative Research and Development Organization (NIRDO) initiated a project with collaboration of Sport Yard School. We provide access to your human being rights, “knowledge is not property of an individual, neither it has to be restricted to serve for betterment of human being.” We provide knowledge sharing platform for every one, regardless of religion, race and skin color. 

Here, you have access to shared knowledge by real performers of the offered knowledge ready to be implemented practically to your need!
In our library you will find everything to gain skills, excellence and mastery in a variety of ways. Today we present a socially accessible platform for the sustainable development and search for talents.

For all students, educational information is free. To be able to translate textbooks into Persian, register as a teacher or student.

The tasks are performed by the student and increase the rating of experience.
We confirm the degree of mastery of the student with certificates of participation in the project of translation of educational literature.

Choose topics of interest to you for translations and show your books in the library.

Gather friends by interests and together develop your – superbook. We will provide you with the most convenient technical solutions. Organizing a forum, video conferencing, or online broadcast of water wheel launch tests.


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